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Spring Projects at the Ranch!

We will be busy outside this spring, and are inviting anyone interested in working with your hands, with animals, cleaning and organizing, or just likes being outside contributing to a community project to join us for one or all the dates below!

We have some tasks that can be done anytime, and some we’ve prioritized in a certain order. The start dates are listed below. We will update the details on facebook and our website as we go, so you can check back to see if you’d like to join in the fun!

Projects that can be done any time this spring: (some may be great projects for scouts or community volunteer hours for students)
Picking up sticks in all our pastures
Cleaning buckets and tools for the season
Starting in May we will remove the winter straw from the barns
Washing the windows inside and out in the barns
Building a goat playground with tires

We have 2 main projects for this weekend (April 29 & 30):
Move the barn materials for the new barn: We need to move and stack the wood in a way to protect it from mold until we start building.
Clean and reorganize the animal barns: Includes repairs, some of the tasks listed above, and organizing supplies.

We have 3 main projects for May:
1. Repair and move fencing
2. Move and add gates
3.Rebuild our compost bins

We have 3 main projects for June:
Clean, power wash, and touch up paint to the Alpaca barn
Trim around the pond
3. Build chain up benches in each pasture

In addition: We have a few wish list projects we’d love to get done, but need some expertise to build or create.
Rain Barrels: We would like to place rain barrels at every down spout, and build a few more gutters with down spouts around the barns for water run off collection.
Trees/wood: We have some felled trees, and some trees in need of pruning or felling we need tending to on the property.
Foraging pasture for the Donkeys: Donkeys forage for their food in nature, so we want to plant some good brush for them, and create some stations in their pasture for them to explore every day… for stimulation and increased exercise!

Please email us if you can help with these special projects and we’ll coordinate times to work with your schedule! dale@pawsforhumanity.org

**Remember your boots/waterproof footwear and work gloves when you come!
We hope to make fun work of it all! 🙂

We have created a wish list on Chewy.com

Look under their Give Back program on the home page, search for Paws for Humanity, and click on our wish list! So simple, so helpful! Chewy does not provide your personal information to us when you donate, so please drop us an email to say hello!

We have created a Go Fund Me Page

Look up Paws for Humanity on the site, or use this link if you’d be willing to share our mission with any animal lovers… people lovers… community lovers in your world.

People Helping Animals Helping People


Thank you to our community for your support, encouragement and generosity throughout the year!