1 2019

NOT April Fools!!!

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What started out as a not fun chore - calling the IRS because of a glitch in our taxes (I know, right?) turned out to provide some great news! We’re REAL!  We’re OFFICIAL!  Our 501(c) [...]

8 2018

Gifts of Turkeys

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Some people may feel that this message is one for the birds, because it was a turkey that helped inspire this thought.  Today of all days when Beth and I are working hard to get [...]

Thanks to Niles Cub Scouts!

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This fall we had the Niles Cub Scouts came to the ranch to visit and earn community and woodsmen badges. Adults and kids had fun picking up fallen branches from our many trees and then [...]

24 2018

Kickoff Fundraiser

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Help support Paws for Humanity - a non profit organization providing sanctuary and support for animals and people alike... allowing for each to heal the other.We are Beth and Dale Welling, and our dream is [...]

25 2018


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SURPRISE!  Meet Gabby, our new baby goat!  So much for family planning… we thought we still had a month to go! We were outside today, deciding what projects to tackle, and Janey just kept [...]

11 2018

Goat Mania!

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I have wanted goats as long as I can remember.  I have pictures from a family trip to Wisconsin in 1980 of goats on a grass roof of a restaurant, and thought that would [...]

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