So I was on the phone this morning when Pepe walked past my living room window. Threw on shoes and took off after him. I’m so lucky he is such a people horse — he allowed my lead back to the pastures and then into his area. As I walked the perimeter to find the gate that had opened, he just stood by it until I had it secured again.

Spent a little time with him… he was just bored. He wants playmates! The alpacas are scared of him; he was in with the goats, but one of them butted him when he was laying down, so we need to watch them all together for a while. He and one of the kittens played tag along a fence line for a while… wish I had my camera.

Came back in and realized I need to think before I run out. My shoes are trashed from the mud… and I had rubber boots 10 feet away!

sigh. Still a city girl.