We know we are very fortunate. We are both able to work full time from home, continuing to connect with and support folks in our respective fields. We have been stressed, and humbled, and tired, and blessed, and restless, and hopeful of the time when the world will open back up. And weary. I’m sure everyone relates. And we’re realistic that the path ahead will be slow, with ups and downs and that no one can fully predict. And still we’re hopeful.

And we are now adjusting our sails. We need to find ways to build some connections. Find simple ways to connect others with the animals… let them teach us with their beauty, their playfulness, their purity.

The animals have been our beacon of hope. Every day, they stick to their routines, get up, wander around, eat, rest, play together, follow us around until they get bored, then rest some more. They are sweet, and engaging, and take each day as it comes, seemingly fulfilled with the gracious simple act of being.

So we asked ourselves… who can we be as Paws for Humanity right now? We can be a bridge. We can bring the animals to you through social media! Or more accurately… we can safely and comfortably bring YOU to our barns and pastures to see our animals! We can share pictures, videos, webcam streaming, and maybe even provide guest visitors in zoom meetings… 🙂

We are working on getting our social media platforms up and running to stay connected and offer a little distraction, a little laugh, a little joy in the ways only animals can get away with!

Stay tuned…