The weather isn’t winter anymore…

It’s that restless almost spring weather filled with anticipation and frustration that we’re not QUITE there yet!

But, even from this place… we’re VERY excited for this year –

  • We’ve already been getting some friends/volunteers out on weekends… we’ve started some spring clean up; broken ground on our fire pit in our back yard; and are making plans to turn a field or two into outdoor areas for programs!
  • We want to do some community programs with scout troops… we can utilize the land, and begin to think about how to incorporate the animals into the days… informally as well as formally.  We hope the kids that came out last fall will return with more of their troop!
  • We are also talking about working with a dog trainer to start some training and pet safety awareness classes on site by fall. 
  • The most fun part of spring is watching all the animals get frisky and youthful in the fresh air!  Our Alpaca have had some great days running and lounging in the sun already! 
  • The goats are always up for an adventure and have been playing more on their Tree trunk playground!  (we have tires to “plant” for them and a teeter totter to build soon!)
  • AND… we have 4 (maybe 6) kittens social and ready for adoption… They were born last fall, brought inside once weaned from momma, fixed early this month, and returned to the barn last weekend to be free and able to run around with their siblings from a litter we brought in last year. 
  • The biggest project is to catch their momma and get her fixed.  She has outsmarted us and escaped from the crate we had her in with her first litter and will not come anywhere near the live bait trap.  In fact, if there is any change in our routine, or an unknown voice… she is not seen for a day or two.  We are still hopeful, but it’s a long hard process of trial and error to capture a true feral cat – made harder because we do have other outdoor cats.
  • From the business world, Dale and I are still planning and learning how to set up the animal assisted learning and therapy programs, and Dale will be attending a week workshop in August toward his certification with PATH for Equine assisted learning. 
  • And I’m getting ready to set up an Etsy site for yarn sales as an ongoing thing our farm does – with part of the proceeds benefiting Paws for Humanity.

Lots of details to work out, but looking forward to it all!!!

Happy Spring!