Some people may feel that this message is one for the birds, because it was a turkey that helped inspire this thought.  Today of all days when Beth and I are working hard to get the ranch organized and are planning to be more prepared for the changing of the seasons, I found a flock of very healthy turkeys scaring the male alpacas back into the barn.  The turkeys did not intend to be mean, they just wanted to be safe in a bigger herd.  Unfortunately, the alpacas did not want anything to do with the turkeys.  All but one turkey gave up and flew over the fence quite easily and started heading towards our woods for safety and food.  The last turkey became very scared, because he forgot to use the gift of flight and began running back and forth trying to find an open gate which would allow it to rejoin the flock it had came from.
Too many times we allow ourselves to forget about the talents and gifts that have been given to us, and we allow excuses like age, scheduling, lack of ability, etc, etc, etc, to get in our way much like the fence, preventing us from using our gifts in a very natural manner.
One of our goals for the ranch is to develop programing with the animals that will allow people to use and realize their own talents and/or gifts that can be used to enrich their lives so they can achieve their own personal goals.
As for the turkey, I took the time to open the gate so it could rejoin its family.  I saw the turkey fly away quite easily, and felt humbled and loved that I took time to be a Steward for our Creator.