Hey everybody!

We have a very long project list to accomplish this fall, and have made a schedule to be sure everything gets done before winter comes. We have several weekends earmarked for larger projects, and in addition to extra hands, and maybe some special skills, these weekends will be ripe with opportunity to play with and otherwise keep the animals happy and preoccupied as we work around them. Or to spend some time on a lawn tractor mowing the pastures. It’s meditative.  🙂
If you’d like a get away, to spend some time with Hazel or our cats… our goats… or would like to get your hands dirty with the animals or projects, here’s what we’re doing. Let us know if any weekends might work for you to come up, help out, or keep us company. We love company.  🙂
Weather permitting, evenings will be outside eating, drinking, chiminea fires, general fun.  🙂
Also of note… momma kitty is pregnant again. Our plan is to again care for her and the babies in the big crate, but this time, we’ll adopt the kittens out once they are about 12 weeks… eating on their own, etc. So if you know anyone who wants a kitten… probably right before Christmas… just sayin’. And our plan is to just take the crate straight to the vet once the kittens are gone and fix momma so she is free. She’s doing well, just getting awfully big.
Here’s our schedule:
September 29/30 – Beth will be home Saturday doing lawn/mowing/gardening and cleaning up around the barns hopefully getting everything ready for our projects! Sunday will be a project day to clean out the middle of the alpaca barn and reorganize it so we can store all (or at least most) of the hay and food for winter right in the barn.
Sunday October 7 – We will be power washing everything that needs it before winter… from all barns, all tools, equipment. Then we get to find good places to store stuff for winter (yes… finally… organization of the barns starts!!)
October 13/14 – Alpaca Barn weekend! Adding fill and leveling out the floor, moving the chicken coop inside, adding nesting boxes and wooden roosting bars lower for the ladies, bringing all the straw into the barn for storage, adding fill to the areas outside the barn as much has eroded. We may be getting 2 young roosters and 2 more hens complete with their own coop to add to our brood… are chickens a brood?
Saturday Oct 20 – Finish organizing the maintenance barn, bringing the last of the stuff into the house from the move… yup it’s true! Organizing the garage a bit, too.
October 27/28 – Red Barn weekend! We have much to build for the goats pens for winter… also if we do it right, we will get a few more goats… One of us is happy at this prospect…
November 3/4 – Outdoor weekend… We have some fencing to replace, compost bins to build, and some garden plans to lay out… if we have the hands, we may do some before this weekend… but this will be our big push and we would LOVE as many helpers as possible!!
November 10/11 – and November 17/18 – finishing up projects. Putting the windbreaks up on the Alpaca barn, prepping winter bird feeders, final mowing, mulching, and prepping plants.
It’s still weird asking for help… but there is a lot of fun and relaxation to be had as well. We enjoy being here and hope you do, too!