Dog Training


My name is Kristine Brown, and I have trained dogs for 10 years.  I received my certification through PetSmart, where I worked until 2021. After taking a short break, I am excited to be working with Paws for Humanity to offer personalized training opportunities!

I believe in the positive reinforcement method — not using a rolled up newspaper or yelling and shouting at your furry friend. After all, they are a part of the family. Come and let’s learn together what you and your dog can do!  You might be surprised.


> Beginning / Puppy Training        

$120 for 6 weeks one-hour classes. Next session begins Tuesday, May 17 at 7 pm!

Dog training can be something fun you and your pet enjoy together, not a chore that one must endure! These classes are designed to help with socialization for both dog and dog parents. We will teach you basic commands — including come when called, sit, stay, drop it and leave it, and how to walk on a leash nicely without pulling. (And yes, we said we’ll be teaching YOU… most training is for the humans. Dogs just need us to be clear, and they understand us pretty well.)

These basic communication skills can also be life-saving commands for your dog, and you will finish class feeling more confident taking your dog out or to a friend’s house. We will also cover basic nutrition, foods, plants that are toxic for dogs, and first aid items to keep at home for your fur baby. Our classes are based on love and respect. There are no choke chains or pinch collars allowed in these classes. We will use lots of healthy treats and lots of love.

> One-on-One Training                         

$30 per 45-minute session. For coaching and practice testing for Good Canine Citizen and Therapy Dog certification, please register for one-on-one sessions. 

If you prefer one-on-one work or want to get started before a class is available, we can schedule individual appointments to meet your needs.  Whether it’s a single session or a series to work on specific issues, let’s see what works best for you and your furry friend!

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Intermediate and Advanced classes will be offered this summer.


  • You will need a 4-6 foot leash for training classes and plenty of treats for rewards.  If anything else is required for a specific exercise, you will be told in advance in class.
  • Please come a little early to class. This will give you time to park and get to the class location in the front pasture. Dress comfortably, and weather appropriate for being outside. Remember after a rain, it will be wet… and maybe a little muddy in some places, so bringing a towel for your friend and water-resistant shoes or boots will be helpful.
  • You may complete the application online (using the button at the bottom of this page). Please email your proof of vaccinations to No dog will be allowed to participate without up-to-date vaccinations for the safety of all.
  • We ask all participants to carefully review the Aggressive Dog Policy included in the application. If you are seeking training for aggression issues — unfortunately, we are not the resource for you. Our classes are group classes, and we are teaching socialization within the typical behavioral correction range.  We are not trained in the specific needs for behavior modification for aggressive animals at this time.